PAYBANK operating company Livil Technology is entering a partnership with Star K

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기사입력 2021-01-26 [17:13]


Livil Technology, the operator of Hong Kong's global fintech service PayBank, signed a strategic business agreement with Thailand's global entertainment channel STAR K.


The two companies recently signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the Livil Technology Seoul HQ in Yeouido and announced their future cooperation plan. The agreement includes cooperation on payment services, future co-project planning and marketing, and collaboration in other areas where the two parties will both benefits. 


PayBank is the payment platform that escapes limited and centralized financial institutions. By using a blockchain technology, PayBank allows their users to engage with the global economy, interact with international businesses and take full control of their own economic future.


It is the company’s belief that accessibility to financial services creates opportunities, which in turn can lead to the global world to thrive in unity. To expand the range of PayBank’s services, its operator Livil Technology has acquired an MSB license, and its acquisition of an EMI license in the United Kingdom is expected to be realized in the second quarter of 2021.


The EMI license will enable their services in the European Economic Area as a whole. Other upcoming services the PayBank platform will provide are a loan service, a deposit service and a shopping mall. These services will be launched in the first quarter of 2021. 


The Korean Wave entertainment channel Star K launched in 2018 and is broadcasting Korean cultural contents in Thailand nationwide.


The entertainment channel has an impressive portfolio, providing TV contents such as their popular programs ‘Idol League’, which introduces Korean Idols, ‘K Today’, which announces news and ‘Music K’, providing music for all generations. Additionally, contents related to travel is frequently airing on the channel.


The company is also hosting various events, such as plastic surgery consulting, and have a remarkable interaction with their followers on their social media channels, having close to 50 thousand followers in total. 


Both parties are content with the agreement and strongly believe this collaboration will be beneficial to both the companies and to their customers


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