Bananatok to issue BTSC token and do airdrops for fans

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기사입력 2020-11-05 [17:25]


Bananatok, a blockchain SNS messenger recently became the talk of the town on Korea’s biggest portal site Naver's real-time search by appearing in tvN's drama "Record of Youth" starring Park Bo-gum. And once again Bananatok is drawing attention again by announcing that Bananatok will issue token and do airdrops for K-Pop star group BTS fans.


Bananatok issued a token named BTSC, which has been well informed that BTS coin will not be able to be traded on crypto exchanges, also pointed that BTS coin will only be used as tokens for fans and will be distributed through airdrops.


Airdrop refers to the act of distributing tokens for free, and Bananatok will distribute total of 10 Million BTSC for three years, 10,000 BTSC everyday through its signature airdrop service which can be collected instantly at chatting windows. The number 10 million came from the number of BTS Army’s fan number (Army is the official fan club of BTS with around 10 million fans globally) said personnel from Bananatok.


Bananatok, a must have App among blockchain users, is a second-generation messenger that supports fee-free transactions of more than 200 digital assets, and has an optimized environment for group activities targeting global users with its translation function, group channels that can accommodate up to 200,000 people, and Telegram compatibility.


Recently, Bananatok has added a "Mass Adaption Zone" along with the existing "Crypto Zone" to spur popularization based on group channel expertise. And along with this action Bananatok has expanded its fan club to include celebrities such as Park Bo-gum, BLACKPINK, EXO, Baek Jong-won, and Son Heung-min, as well as influencers with millions of subscribers including J.Fla, Sugi and Pony.  


"This issue of BTSC tokens and airdrop for BTS fans will provide an opportunity for the public to easily access and understand blockchain," said Cho Woo-chang, CEO of Bananatok. "Not only do we hope the clubs to be well active, but also really hope that fans from all over the world will be able to get together, interact and support their idols."


Meanwhile, Bananatok will be introducing Social Network 2.0 “Bananian” and fee-free exchange BananaEx followed by recently released services "BananaBank" which shows accumulated interest in real-time, as well as "BananaGames," where users can mine by playing ranking games.  


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