Bananatok appears as a scene of actual use in the tvN Drama “Record of Youth”

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기사입력 2020-10-07 [13:26]

▲ A scene where the main characters actually use 'Bananatok' messengers


Bananatok drew attention as it appeared as a scene of messenger used by the main characters in the 9th episode of TvN's Mon/Tue drama “Record Of Youth" starring top actor and actress Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam.


The cute intro screen with Bananatok’s symbol monkey character and organized message window made perfect harmony with the warm-hearted two main characters.


Drama "Record Of Youth" is bildungsroman which is about young people strive to achieve their dreams and love. It is now streaming on Netflix in 190 countries around the world in addition to tvN channel.


The transmission of actual use scene of Bananatok is very meaningful in that Blockchain Messenger is the ‘first time’ to be exposed to Cable TV. This proves that Bananatok, which has been leading mass adaptions through continuous cultural marketing, including sponsoring several Korean dramas such as tvN "Stranger 2," tvN "Crash Landing on you", tvN "Memorist" and OCN "Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation" is almost reaching to its goal.


Meanwhile, Bananatok, a blockchain messenger that provides transactions and remittances of more than 200 digital assets, has started to aggressively promote its services unprecedented in the blockchain community. It has recently launched ‘BananaEX’ that provides the trading service without fees and the cryptocurrency bank called ‘Banana Bank’ and Banana Games, which can be mined through rankings.


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