KDX DAO, the first-ever Huobi Eco Chain (HECO)-based De-Fi Project in Korea

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기사입력 2021-03-09 [19:11]


KDX Dao, the first De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) project using Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) in Korea has successfully launched its opening ceremony on February 25th with distinguished VIP guests. 


De-Fi market is going through a tremendous growth in the past few months. KDX Dao is determined to be the next leading platform in this rapidly expanding market by showcasing an advanced decentralized finance platform, the KDX Dao, equipped with automatized proprietary solution that delicately adjusts profit rates and conditions in various financial products depending on the volume and characteristics of different liquidity provider (LP) pools.


Moreover, with the adoption of Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) as its base network, heavily enhanced transaction speed and low transaction costs are some of the main strong features of the platform. KDX Dao has also blended various advantages of yield farming system using both Ethereum-paired markets and other ecosystem-paired De-Fi markets.


Being the very first De-Fi project in Korea using the Huobi Eco Chain, KDX Dao will be leading the community education and training by hosting various basic conceptual training on De-Fi markets to organizing regional/international communities by systematically structuring the truly global De-Fi ecosystem.


Lastly, KDX Dao shall be operating a De-Fi Project Incubation Hub solely devoted for De-Fi Ecosystem, operating a range of initial project accelerator programs to angel investment fund programs. KDX global De-Fi community shall then be the initial stakeholders of various projects graduating from these programs, leading to a virtuous cycle of De-Fi community. 


KDX Dao’s initial inception took place in early 2020, with the initial funding of 800,000 USD and with the successful platform development by February 2021, official public service launching is estimated to take place in mid-March 2021. KDX Dao’s ambitious goal is to foster and develop Global 10 major De-Fi projects from its incubation programs.


Director at KDX DAO commented in an interview that “Korea is right now advancing various policy implementation regarding Cryptocurrency from 2021, and with strong upbeat movement in De-Fi markets globally, not only that we witness a huge spike in the price of Bitcoin but also social passion towards cryptocurrency in general. Thus, De-Fi shall be the next ‘big leap’ towards unprecedented type of wealth of this truly modern society”


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