Blockchain-based DeFi service project SNT Lab enters New Deal business

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기사입력 2021-02-02 [18:51]

▲ A contract between Ahmed Elnagar (left), delegated by Dr. Yousry Mohamed, an investment company in charge of defense and finance in Egypt, and SNT Lab CEO Hyun-ho Lee (right) 

SNT (Saintway Token) of the SNT Lab Foundation is a project aimed at payment and blockchain service based on Egypt tourism business, and was widely known through Foblgate Exchange A-IEO in July last year. SNT announced that it will enter the New Deal business this year and expand its business area by rebranding it under the name of Super Net Technology.


SNT Lab will be active in the electric vehicle business field in Egypt such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure, supplying 10,000 electric buses/year, and producing Egyptian own brands.


SNT Lab plans to expand the field to the Egyptian plant (bunkering station) business and the CCUS business, which is a carbon collection technology, in the future.


▲ a pilot electric bus in Alexandria, Egypt  


In addition, SNT Lab decided to jointly operate an online shopping mall in the form of a welfare mall in Korea and Egypt in cooperation with Chinese electronic product shopping malls.


The DeFi ecosystem that SNT Lab will provide is based on the distribution of profits through the sale of electric vehicles in Egypt. SNT Lab will provide a staking service, and purchases using SNT tokens will be possible on online shopping mall in the future.


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