The first round of S3P IEO succeccfully cloded, S3 Global immediately announces round 2

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기사입력 2020-11-02 [16:49]


As we all know, S3P informed the first sale of S3P token that took place from October 15th to October 30th on Latoken trading platform. After 15 days launching, S3P tokens that were distributed for this round were completely sold out.  


This outstanding performance, in the complicated context of the Covid-19 pandemic and saturated cryptocurrency market, makes it one of the most potential and profitable tokens in the cryptocurrency world.


S3P Global also announced that during the second round from October 31st to November 14th, S3P price will be higher than the first round: 1 S3P = 0,75 USDT.


According to top crypto experts, the best time to hold S3P at the best price is now, as soon as possible, before it is officially listed on Latoken exchange. The whole community is highly looking forward to the next presentation of S3P when the 2nd round starts!


S3P is a featured crypto token of S3 Wallet - a“Smart Sharing Society” for over 20,000 users in which token owners can communicate with ease and collect profits from their friends’ investment.


The S3P token is built and developed on the TRC-20 Tron Mainnet Network - one of the most competitively technical platforms recently with almost 9 million users where allows holders to exchange S3P at a very low fee and also stops the network congestion through the 2000 transactions/s processing speed - much better than ETH Mainnet.


Why You Should Invest In S3P?


According to the latest information, there are tens of thousands of people who choose to use S3P token besides many types of big cryptocurrency and its adoption is still growing globally. In the upcoming time, S3P payment will be accepted in Korea and Mexico. It’s actually hard to doubt the mass-adoption of S3P in the cryptocurrency world.


As the increasing demand for S3P token, its value will continually increase in the future leading to raising wealth and creating better liquidity for the holders.


Dallas Baldri, S3 Global Technology LTD CEO and Co-founder, CEO of HD Group - a global marketing & advertising organization trusted in over 45 countries said: “The TRC-20 based S3P is not a normal cryptocurrency. It can bring the best investment opportunities for all investors, and shape the new future of smart sharing society through cryptocurrency.”


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