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기사입력 2020-10-22 [15:53]


2020, S3 Global officially started the first sale of S3P on Latoken and it saw a noticeably high trade volume after only 24 hours.


According to the announcement of S3 Global, 3 million S3P tokens of the 150-million total supply are distributed for the two rounds of IEO from October 15th through November,14th.  


S3 Global Board of Directors has set a target to raise 1.5 million USDT until this IEO is finished. Only 1-day launching, the market saw a high trade volume of S3P and seems like it will continue to perform even better than expectation. 


S3P is powered by S3 Global Technology LTD - one of the most vibrant global system integrators, which also creates S3 Wallet - the very first fully decentralized and distributed digital asset wallet. In the competitive cryptocurrency battle, S3P is still marking its rapid growth in terms of mass adoption and low fee.


S3 Global builds and develops S3P on the TRC-20 Tron Mainnet Network - a great choice of over 9 million users. The platform allows us to exchange S3P at a very low fee and a much better process speed 2000 transactions/s - 100 times higher than that of ETH Mainnet (20 transactions/s)


As all the cryptocurrency traders know, Latoken is now a leading, reputable and easy-to-use, high liquidity exchange in the market. The daily turnover volume of Latoken is over $300m with more than 500,000 registered users. 


Over and above that, Latoken uses a set of advanced security measures including encryption key, DDOS protection, 2FA and a cold wallet to store 99,5% of users’ funds to prevent hacking and ensure the most secure trading environment.


Dallas Badri, S3 Global Technology LTD CEO and Co-founder, CEO of HD Group - a global marketing & advertising organization trusted in over 45 countries shared: “The Initial Exchange Offering of S3P is performing at its great potential. I do believe in the increased value and power of S3P will create for both the crypto community and blockchain world.”


“The TRC-20 based S3P is not a normal cryptocurrency. It can bring the best investment opportunities for all investors, and shape the new future of smart sharing society through cryptocurrency.” said Carlos Chu - Director of Business Development of S3 Global.




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