TMTG Conducts the 17th Token Burn After its 40 Mil Buyback

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이진영 기자
기사입력 2020-07-29 [10:44]

TMTG Enterprise HK Ltd., a digital asset (cryptocurrency) provider based in Hong Kong, announced its burning of 40 Mil TMTG (The Midas Touch Gold) tokens on Jul. 29 (KST)


The foundation has been conducting a weekly token burn since Apr. 8th, conducting the 17th token burn this week. Five more token burn events are scheduled to take place until the 22nd token burn on Sep. 2. 


The number of total burned token now reaches 544 Mil. After the 22nd burn, the total number of the burned volume will be 715 Mil. 


The details of the token burn can be verified by searching TMTG on Etherscan. 


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